ATLANTA, June 7, 2023



SkyZoo Radio


Because I have a library of music, I decided to take some of it and create a radio station.


The process of registering the songs with ASCAP is a first order of business with perhaps an initial 100 songs.


Also, registering with the National Association of Digital Broadcasting is in the works.


The seven songs in rotation (dltmusheic.bandcamp.com) is because the station's still in beta stage.


WSZR  is taken from the tradition of terrestrial radio and SZR is SkyZooRadio.


The stations frequency of 69.8 is not on any radio station dial, but in the digital formate I can do it and did.


WSZR 69.8 SkyZoo Radio 

Music Fueling Feelings Station 


ID/PSAs I've written a few good ones.





Music Fueling Feelings Station pumping uniquely stylized songs that fuels bodies with feelings. 


More on the website/concept tomorrow about live music broadcast and talk radio.



NuNique Institute 

A scientific theorem serves as the source seed and unifying force from which every discipline and grade originates in accordance with and compliance to educational entrepreneurial operations as a dual track matriculated nonprofit school business. It’s the first, the only pedagogy of its kind in the history of humankind.


Press Contact:

Name: Lynn Morris

Mobile: 407 740 7407

Email: 6cessb4u@gmail.com



See video below

EYE QUE TEST: Study this picture. The myth of Big Foot has never been captured in real time footage.

1.      See the real greenery, red water, white sand and shadows of from leaves?

2.      IORM (Image Of Real Man) pictured above, see his long neck protruding from the earth?

3.      Can Unreal Engine 5 fake this digitally? NO! The picture is 100% real 

4.      MIT, Hollywood, V.I. or forensics experts; with all the money, resources and connection?

5.      Egyptian Pharaoh? Italian? Greek? Middle Eastern? You can tell me how the pyramids were built and you didn’t see them do it, but you can’t tell me how IORM was born and you see it.

6.      You say technology is the answer to everything, then let it answer this question?







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