It’s Friday or as I like to call it; Phunomics (Economics of Fun) Friday; because the economics of fun start with high school football, clubs and concerts. 


As your Presidential Candidate, my platform is only the single word of: relationships and as such, please don’t forget, we’re on the eve remembrance Monday: 9-11.  


Now, back to Fun Friday and AI concerns; I can relate with almost any industry and provide my input.


From the biological sciences idea of blood coagulant to the art idea of vibration frequencies as musical sound; I possess capability resultants; with practical proof. 


Unlike other candidates, I’m going to show proof of perspective points of enlightenment. 


AI portends great things, but great things come from great thoughts


Right now, AI is just propagating programmers’ ideas of data aggregation for computational output.


AI video is a computational output from data (pictures/images) that were already created with the added element of voice-overs.


Reprehensible?  Yes; but mommie it's a big booger. 

Impressive?  No


Bill Gates and others are impressed by ChatGPT passing a test or generating a duplicate of a human created input as AI output.


That’s very impressive, if you’ve lost sight of the origin from whence AI’s potential is derived.


It’s humans who are training/programming AI for the outputs.


As your Presidential Candidate, I’m going to build our relationship based upon our betterment as a people, government and country.


If a machine duplicating a human endeavor is impressive, I’ll introduce you to what AI can’t do. Again proof.


It's Phunomics Friday, so let's go easy, for some mindless fun.


AI is a duplicator extraordinaire; but an originator? No; not at all.


To prove my point, I can guarantee you’re not going to find AI capable of creating this. 


Why?  Because it's real. 


Only real can create real and only the living can create real and last I checked; AI isn't living or real and the dead can't feel.


Check this out! Study the pictures to see if you can see the hidden images. Hidden right before your eyes in plain sight.


Every picture below is of 100% natural nature and possess 3D depth perception on a 2D platform. 


People and faces appearing in natural places


 Wrote and composed a song for this x-rated tree: Tree Mend Us Love


Mr. & Mrs. Tree revealing their inner life; the inside counts.


Beauty is a collection of leaves formed to face reality


Cloudy skies showing its a two-faced friend talking behind your back


Beastly vegetation eyeing the nature of time


Mystery expressed through planted visions of life


Tree revealing its inner human life force as a form of nature


Water as a species forming to be images of solid matter


Reality through the shadows reveals life on the other side of darkness



The colored races of sands integrating to showcase nature of life


Moss Money Monkey screening the breeze for trees and flowering bees


Tell me you don't or can't see and feel the life-energy force in the picture? Think AI can do that?


My library consists of thousands of such pictures taken to capture the natural essence of nature, this is definitely beyond AI.  


Here's the fact; I have more intellectual properties (copyrights, trademarks, innovations and ideas) all created by one single individual than, dare I say, anyone in the world today.  


Now you tell me why I would be impressed with AI copying the images of a person and generating a video with voice-overs. 


This is what should impress you, as each image above possesses feelings and tells a story worth more than a thousand words. 


AI knows not the feelings of being alive and the transferring and transforming of the interactive psycho-sensory energy between humans engaged in relationships. 


So please don’t be mislead or mistaken. 


Why trust human feelings?  


Feelings are humans’ highest intelligence; without which, you’d also be an AI robot. 


Football games, clubs and concerts are all about that feeling, so have a safe goodtime this weekend; before I kill this feeling.  


Also, the heat is in the news, so I created a song; no cease and desist here, I don't use others' music.

BLOWING HOT AIR is dedicated to the other candidates

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