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Is your research like the "Yanny or Laurel' recording???

That is BS!  It has nothing to do with science.  Do you wonder why no educational institution or scientist validated such BS?  


My research, 100% of the people will agree; which means, I can factually and scientifically state, high frequency sounds are more directional than low frequency sounds. 


Just as I can factually and scientifically state, fire burns and whether you don’t feeling it doesn’t change that fact.  The same applies to hearing the directionality of high frequency sounds. 


Therefore, I can factually state that 100 percent of the people will agree. Thus, I can place high frequency sounds 180 degrees left and or 180 degrees right and everyone will agree.  I can also scientifically validate that low frequencies aren’t directional.    


That Yanny or Laurel recording was all about sound distortion to create ambiguity; such as is the political norm, my research deals with clarity of sound and not ambiguity to create controversy. 


Below, I have added a 3D sound sample and as stated, if you can hear, 100 percent of the people will agree.  Why?  It is scientific and based upon knowledge clarity.  For your edification, I must state that science on the human or macro-level/dimension operates differently than science on the micro-level/dimension. 


For example, I can factually state that low frequencies are stronger than high frequencies; whereas, the bass sound (a low frequency sound) can create vibrations you can feel and high frequencies are weaker and cannot.  The lower the frequency the greater the density (solids/visibility), the higher the frequency the less the density (gases/invisibility)


I can also factually state the opposite, that high frequencies are stronger than low frequencies.  Light, a very high frequency can cut steel, a very low frequency.  My point is, it depends on the dimension/level or state of research, but each dimension has its own scientific laws that adhere to that dimension/level.


My point is; that was a lot of BS.  Listen to my research.  What your ears will hear in an open environment is the uniformity of sounds creating covalent bonds of being one.  Listen in a closely confined environment (headphones) and what you will hear is different.


100 percent of the people will hear the same thing on the base level/dimension (You will hear in your left ear high frequency patterns and in your left ear different high frequency patterns).  I am showing the directionality of high frequencies (think lasers) and testing your ability to hear two different sound patterns (neurological workout).  This is a basic 3D aspect of The Neurophonic Sound curriculum.


Students are taught about 5 dimensions, but like the Infiniteness of One Theorem, it has infinite dimensions.  Notice, I intentionally added scientific references to covalent (chemistry) and lasers (technology) just to show how STEM (science technology engineering mathematics) is integrated into aspects of this two track practicum-based pedagogy learning. 


Known as; Knowledge Engineering Pedagogy, it teaches the

   5 Dimensions (5D) of music and dance:

Education Music Track 1 (The Neurophonic Sound) and 

Commercial Music Track 2 (The JaHazz Sound)

Education Dance Track 1 (Vibration Frequency Dancing) and Commercial Dance Track 2 (JaHazzing Dancing)



I stated, it is not readily apparent or conceptualize; but it happened through research osmosis.

The Neurological Sound Research Thesis (NSRT) started it and serves as the foundation of the music named:  Neurophonic Audio (education track) and The JaHazz Sound (commercial track).  Of which the scientific research premise of their creation is presented below (see The Science).  

The resultant dance is designated for curricular studies as:  A performance art and science-based language, communicated through motion movement expressions, in a dialect called:  JaHazzing Dancing.

Today, as a researcher for NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering; an intellectual property-based nonprofit school for inventive types, is the officially copyright owners and as such, all rights and privileges apply.   

The research is being presented to the public by its creator, Thomas Fuller.  The goal of which is to have his music and dance styles be taught to the public, and a local dance studio and the internet are the first initial testing grounds.  


What is The JaHazz Sound?  

A genre/style of music that’s the result of scientific research by Thomas Fuller for NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering, an intellectual property-based school.


The science: 

For the sake of simplicity and understanding, imagine the waxing and waning of ocean waves as signals and you’re standing perpendicular; as these two different input frequencies (waves) integrate in and out of phase.  The result is the constant increasing and decreasing differences (think surfing) creating an amplitude-modulated standing wave.


This fluctuating rhythm at the frequency of the difference between the two auditory inputs creates a neurological third beat.  Visualize, the ocean wave rushing out from shore (waxing) is met by a wave rushing in to shore (waning) and at the meeting point the two waves grow to create that third action. This is the wave surfers surf, that third beat.


Scientifically, when two different frequencies signals are presented; one to each ear, they cause the brain to detect differences in the phase between the signals.  A detected phased difference under normal and natural circumstances would provide directional insight.


Neurologically, The Neurophonic Audio causes the brain to process the signals differently, and to effectively experience this third beat.  It is this imaginary “third beat” upon which JaHazzing Dancing is based.


In listening to Neurophonic Audio or The JaHazz Sound, the perceptual integration of the two signals taking place causes the brain to actually produce the psycho-sensory awareness of a third “beat” frequency.  Thus, it is based upon 5 dimensions of sound or 5D music.

Due to and because of the fact, the entire pedagogy is theorem-based and has its own sine wave, JaHazzing Dancing; likewise, is based upon the 5 dimensions (5D) of sound and so named:

                        JaHazzebu, or ZeBu. 

                        JaHazzomo, or ZoMo.  

                         JaHazzume, or ZuMe.  

                         JaHazzigo, or ZiGo.  

                         JaHazzaqu, or ZaQu   


5 Dimension Sound         Diagram/Sine wave below 

Time: first dimension of Motion 

Wave: second dimension of State 

Phase, core dimension of Vibration 

Axis, fourth dimension of Frequency 

Degree, fifth dimension of Point 


 Stay tuned:  The Future of Now; Coming to ears near you.

NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering 

   Director: Thomas Fuller

The magnificence of GOD  in a human form of personality and character, expressed in the uniqueness of self and exhibited as an infinite creative force of goodness, IS  projected through the works of intelligent acts and expressions related to education and knowledge, but most of all LOVE



 Below:  Numeric Logarithmic Patterns

(Note: these are actual numbers at microscopic level of a patterns-based curriculum test)


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