E pluribus unum –"Out of many, one"       Statement of Candidacy Candidate ID : P40016180






Media Inquiry:  The pedagogy is founded upon my Uniformity of Uniqueness Theorem (how can uniformity be unique?) I'll provide an example via explanation.  School's in session. 


Market introductions are a process of awakening the media from its slumber of short-sightedness; only seeing as far as their noses.  


A metaphorical slap, like that applied to the bottom of a new born and saying welcome to the world for which we’ve been in but abdication R us; forget the toys; it’s out of business. 


Anyways, I upon seeking to merit great things am awarded the media medal for DEI and told, we seek not greatness, we seek that which is at our noses and yours doesn’t fit. 


Hints are like saying; “A word to the wise is sufficient.” 


The factor of realization is the reciprocal actions. 


See, blinders limits and help to keep you focused on the fittest; and I joke.  A British Brixton Bloke. 


Well, wishing, a penny for my wish. Oh, I wish you would!   


My PR marketing music focused instead of the presidential focused and as an introduction; I was asked a few questions, such as my music's creative process and about music trends. 


I said; I’m a mult-disciplinary trendsetter and as such, I’ll provide insight here as well. 


My creative process is rather simple.


Building from simplicity is my thing, but it’s the structural integrity which results in the complexity. 


Having been truly blessed as a writer/lyricist; songs are usually written in a couple hours and recording a day or two.


My very simple and straight-forward process: 

1.  Sound input (microphone/instrument) to 

2. Preamp/multi-track recorder.   

3. Assign sound input a track

4. Tempo Track: serves to keep time and established by lyrics, rhythm, melody, harmony, feel, etc

5. Tracking: 1-2 takes for instruments, 2-3 for lead vocals and 1-2 for background vocals (and my song usually have 2-3 different background lyrics)

6. Recording: press record, go to work for three to five minutes; usually 4 - 5 to get in the groove.

7. EQ/effects desired track(s); normally not and definitely no auto-tune and the likes.

8. Editing: Because I do single takes, it eliminates the need for cut/paste/editing

9. Mix: No computer monitor mixing, strictly ears, faders and pans. 

I want to have a one-track mind because this is where the structure comes in and I’m working with so many frequency patterns and a computer monitor causes me to think more about what I’m seeing than what I’m hearing.  Hearing takes precedence for me in this discipline (an example below).

10. Master


Yes, computers would make it much easier and yes, computers would make my sound sound perfect; but I’m not seeking perfection.


I’m seeking to record the transference of life-force energy through instrument and voice as feelings. The essence of which it means to be alive. 


The song below has lead vocals and two different background vocals and each competing for space and relevance.  Like 3 people saying 3 different things and you are to comprehend. 


Easy does it, but easy didn’t know that instruments were need to set the groove, that feel that makes you move.   


Hand to skin, that’s man’s best friend.


Taking it all the way back to Africa; dead animal skin stretched tight over a hollowed log.  Man, I beat the dead alive and it started talking.


And I loved what it said.  Listen and hear it for yourself on the song below. 


In other words, the simplicity needed a strict structuring to allow each element (think chemistry) the space to have its say.  That’s why I love bands, orchestras, marching; you name it.




That oneness.  That Uniformity of Uniqueness.  Different people playing the same instrument and different people playing different instruments and the differences.....E pluribus unum


Yes; E pluribus unum and The Uniformity of Uniqueness are related; it's just one is politically related and one is physics theorem related. 


In other words, my political and music are related to my pedagogy. More on that next time.  


Can AI compose a song with lead vocal lyrics based upon TV/movie titles and or dialogue?  What about writing 2 different background vocals lyrics for the song? 


SCENE READY     Check me hand drumming, minimal skills, but ooh wee, the feel; it just feels good


Lyrics:   SCENE READY - 5th Movement (An animated voice movie musical song)   


For play play?  No, for real! So get ready like freddy kreuger; Nightmare on Elm Street, meet Jason on Friday the Thirteenth.   


Chucky lucky Child’s Play.  Scream, Scary Movie, I see dead people. White chicks.  Oh suck my flick. Then flick my bic, Dick Tracy so slick.   


Betty Boop; oops, Dizzy Dishes scoops: Jessica Rabbit, fine ass, dupes me into be leaving, before I come get some Popeye, the sailor man.   


See sea in the eyes between thighs; Lies, the surprise, the love ain’t real deal feel.  In Living Color, Cult of Personality; Homey don’t play that.  Shout-out!   


Scream, movie scene seen on the screen in my dream     





FOR YOUR EARS:  Boom Is About To Get Ya 2 - A song with 2 sets of lyrics and a drum play to

                    mimic rhythm guitar voicings and it's the structure that AI can't compete.


You’re going to lose and here’s why. Students listen to their eyes, not promisary notes of potential.

AI is neurologically inept in the creative visualizations of life; Remember eyes and ears.




SPOTIFY Link - https://open.spotify.com/artist/0pQIJAF8foPeqQUKLjMYAP    






Here’s a comparative analysis for those who are so impressed with AI's words into video.

Yes, the speed (quantity) is great, but below I’ve presented an ORIGINAL video (11 seconds) of ORIGINAL images that no AI programmed calculation nor a human can comprehend. 

AI isn’t good at imperceptible sensory discernment – see video (the picture is the image of discernment for answering what is the source of the image on right BELOW?




To those who know nothing about dialup, below is a copy of an invoice from 2005; almost two decades ago. See invoice and under description.