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NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering 

  Director: Thomas Fuller

The magnificence of GOD  in a human form of personality and character, expressed in the uniqueness of self and exhibited as an infinite creative force of goodness, IS  projected through the works of intelligent acts and expressions related to education and knowledge, but most of all LOVE


 Below:  Numeric Logarithmic Patterns

(Note: these are actual numbers at microscopic level of a patterns-based curriculum test)


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FundaMENTAL:  The Infiniteness of One Theorem

EngageMENTAL:  The Entrepreneurship of Education


ExperiMENTAL:  Jack of all trades; Master of ONE


DevelopMENTAL:  Unique To Dream BIG



EDUCATION PHALLACY:  Education is putting forth the false narrative that internet and home-baced learning is this new paradigm shift for student success.  Due to and because of the fact we are a school business, workplace studies indicate that employees perform better and are more productive in a structured workplace environment.


My point is; if IBM, Best Buy and others found that telecommuting was not as productive, then how can school, provide studies that are diametrical to those studies.  Interactivity between and with others is and will always be the best method and means of learning


Why?  Commonality of connectivity.  An elephant learns better from an elephant than a human.  A tree learns better from a tree than from a human.  A human learns better from a human than from a computer.  If it were not so, see if a computer can raise a baby.



PEDAGOGY: The Infiniteness of One Theorem is the first and only scientific theorem-based School Business with its own sine wave and is truly unique, in that it’s an all-ages, all-grades, all-disciplines, all originating from one seed, source, and or word; patterns or sine wave symbol.




ununun is not a word, it's a sine wave symbol that represents a pattern - the phases of energized motion.

If you must pronounce it, it's:"ununun" 


Imagine a one word dictionary that defines everything. It is from this one word symbol that all grades, subjects and disciplines originate.Totally unique, with its own book manuscripts, not yet published (hint:  intellectual

property library).


CURRICULA:  Human Interactive Technology Education (HITE); personalized and personified, as a fun indulgence in the science of learning and the learning of science. 


Personalized and personified learning means, we introduce the children with every imaginable subject and discipline to find their strengths and what each student likes.  As each student progresses, their learning becomes more specialized.Actually, all disciplines and subjects originate from a single seed/subject; patterns


INFINITE LEARNING: Learning is infinite and yet, education and educators are adaptors, and generally, that means; the latest technology.  It can be stated that, making something easy and or convenient does not necessarily make one more intelligent. Empirical evidence proves this.



Cognitive science, psychology, sociology, anthropology and education provide an abundance of research about student learning.


How do students learn?  Learning research reveals: 


LEARNING is infinite and not bounded by location or time. 

.............needs to challenge belief structures and or current knowledge 

.............is relational and experiential and best when social and in the company of others 

.............provides best results through challenging active learning engagement 

............is most effective in environments that support and promotes the internalization, reflection and consolidation of activity/knowledge

............,through interactivity and individual support can be made to be enjoyable 

............is an activity that’s maximized in settings with determined goals and undetermined outcomes. 


STRATEGY:  Jack of all trades; Master of ONE






MISSION: Unique To Dream Big

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