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The magnificence of GOD  in a human form of personality and character, expressed in the uniqueness of self and exhibited as an infinite creative force of goodness, IS  projected through the works of intelligent acts and expressions related to education and knowledge, but most of all LOVE


 Below:  Numeric Logarithmic Patterns

(Note: these are actual numbers at microscopic level of a patterns-based curriculum test)


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FundaMENTAL:  The Infiniteness of One Theorem

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What is Chordal Drumming? Chordal Drumming is vibration frequency (VF) drumming and all drumming is vibration frequency drumming. What makes Chordal Drumming unique? 


Imagine a drum set.  Imagine one drum that can be played to produce the robust low VF of the bass drum and the medium VF of the other drums and the high VF of the cymbal.  This is the drumming part. 


A standard piano has 88 keys or vibration frequencies or notes and the notes (VF) are play individually or in combinations of notes (VF), musically called; chords.  Now imagine that single drum being played with individual notes (VF) and or chords (VF), like a piano. Drum and piano are in same instrument family. 


Yes, I know.  I’ve stretched your imagination.  That’s why you need to see the first public presentation of a drum played like a piano and translated into integrating it into popular music- The JaHazz Sound.  


Chordal is not a word and was created as an educational concept and is a progeny of the Knowledge Engineering Pedagogy (KEP), for which vibration frequency serves as its foundation and employed as an application for teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects. 


Chordal Drumming is a technical style of drumming founded upon the physics of vibration frequencies,  the mathematics of exponentials, the neuro-sensory (feedback) application of hearing-feelings and the biomechanics (responsive) application of anatomical kinetic energy; called, Neurophonic Music. 


Through the exponential multiplication of vibration frequencies, a  com”pound”ing soud is produced.  The effects of which, impresses upon the auditory nerves the imagination of feeling-hearing vibration frequencies from the multiplicity of one. 


Chordal Drumming is a techniques-based system of drumming through the application of hand-strokes, shapes, positions, patterns and beatings to create drum head vibrations revealed as sounds.   


A techniques and technical manuscript has been written, but the books haven’t been published yet.  There’s also, Vibration Frequency Dancing, a product of the pedagogy and the drumming. 


How is a movie related to the Knowledge Engineering Pedagogy?  Life produces motion, motion produces sound, sound produces light, light produces picture.  Motion.  Sound.  Picture.  Motion makes sound and picture possible. 


Motion (hands), sound (heart), picture(brain-imagination).  Hands-Heart-Brain and Motion-Sound-Picture are the two triumvirate of the pattern-based educational structure of KE Pedagogy. 


Are you going to be able to say, “I was there when he presented it to the public for the first time?” 


I’ve even taught it to speak a few words.   I’ll do it live, but not at the party.  At the party, you’ll be provided a drumming introduction and you don’t want to , like, meet someone for the first time and say hello and start to totally undress and say, this is who I am, showing everything on the first date. 


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On the curricular level, as an aspect of the pedagogy:  


SOUNDMOTION (music):  The body is in a motion with the instrument of sound  (you sound motion through emotion).


MOTIONSOUND (dance):  The body is in a motion as the instrument of sound  (you motion sound through emotion).  


The Knowledge Engineering practicum-based learning is procedurally engaged through a 5 Dimensions application process of alternating current in the form of a stator and rotator.  The concept is the same as generating electricity, with changing and unchanging elements. 


The 5 Dimensions of Sound.  The 5 Dimensions of Dance.  Physics has defined Nature as having 4 dimensions.   The concept is based on the physics of vibration.   

ExperiMental Proof:  A stretched rubber band that’s been plucked will vigorously vibrate and the faster is vibrates, the more it moves toward a horizontal plane of motion and the slower it vibrates, the more it moves toward vertical plane of motion. 


A Harley Davidson motorcycle running at idle speed vibrates with a defined shake, but riding at a higher speed, it vibrates with a less defined shake.  Thus, we can scientifically surmise, the faster the vibration, the smoother the vibration and the slower the vibration, the more pronounced the vibration. 


In Nature, the slower the vibration, the easier for the eye to see; the faster the vibration, the more difficult for the eye to see.  This means, the invisible matter is vibrating too fast for the naked eye to see.  The motorcycle is still vibrating at the higher speed, but the human sensor perceptions aren’t as acute. 


Given this concept, the 5th Dimension is God or Spirit; which means, invisibility.  Invisibility cancels out all the other 4 dimensions.  God vibrates as such a frequency that it’s humanly and scientifically undetectable and is faster than light.  The Periodic Table is a “human” table of detectable elements and their vibration frequencies.   


5D Sound & 5D Dance or also known as, the 5th Dimension of Sound and 5th Dimension of Dance.  Everything has a place, an order and fits perfectly within the entire pedagogy, as everything is a progeny.  I’m the Master of ONE.  Totally new, totally different. 


GUARANTEE: The only one.  The best one.  Learning you can get from nowhere else! 


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