Unique To Dream BIG


NuNique Institute Knowledge Engineering 

  Director: Thomas Fuller

The magnificence of GOD  in a human form of personality and character, expressed in the uniqueness of self and exhibited as an infinite creative force of goodness, IS  projected through the works of intelligent acts and expressions related to education and knowledge, but most of all LOVE


 Below:  Numeric Logarithmic Patterns

(Note: these are actual numbers at microscopic level of a patterns-based curriculum test)


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FundaMENTAL:  The Infiniteness of One Theorem

EngageMENTAL:  The Entrepreneurship of Education


ExperiMENTAL:  Jack of all trades; Master of ONE


DevelopMENTAL:  Unique To Dream BIG


The EngageMental Ring

The relation between student and patterns starts with an introduction and the goal is to get them acquainted so that they fall in love.

The engagement ring that he/she gives to the other party means they are connected by virture of their love for each other.  The ultimate result is marriage and a family of patterns.


Patterns In Engagement

Before marriage and family, there are patterns of engagement.  This provides the blueprint for building a mental relationship with patterns to gain an understanding about its acts and actions in time.

Patterns are about phases and through these phases, one learns about the patterns of engagement.  Patterns of Engagement goes from a dream into becoming reality through individually prescribed phases in creating The EngageMental Ring for one's mate.

With time, the two become one in marriage.  One becomes it and it becomes oneIn marriage.


EngageMental Phases

Dream 2B – Learn 2B – Know 2B – Do 2B – Be 2B.

NuNique Institute  is an intellectual property-based School Business with a library of properties that will change the arch of history and benefit our students, donor investors, country and world. 




Creative Mental Infinitology is a concept we apply using the practicum-based application of the boundless mental exploration for practical entrepreneurship in creating ideas. 




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The JaHazz Sound    


Five Dimensions (5D) Patterns-based Music (click)


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